Everybody likes tacos.

It’s why “Taco Tuesdays” are hits, and why bringing up “carne asada” or “al pastor” is a guaranteed way to get dudes to engage with each other at a party. (For best results, bookend this discussion with talk of ramen and IPAs).

But what makes a great taco? The taco field is so diverse it seems like there could never be just one correct answer.

Yet there is: For a great taco, all you need is well-seasoned, properly cooked meat or seafood, a fresh, warm corn tortilla and some additional element of spark, whether lime, radish, onion or sour cream, to help tease out those essential flavors.

Using flour tortillas is fine … in a quesadilla or burrito. Successfully adding ancillary elements to those listed above is to be admired. But it’s not necessary. In taco assemblage, simplicity almost always beats complexity.

 The Sacramento region is awash in tacos. Several high-visibility taquerias and/or Mexican street-food specialty restaurants, including NixtacoLa VenaditaMesa MercadoMidtown’s Cantina Alley and Chando’s Cantina, have opened in roughly the past year or so.

This influx made me think more about tacos, and how I liked the gourmet versions of street tacos so much I wanted to find more of them actually served on the street – or in sun-beaten industrial-area parking lots.

In compiling this list of tacos in the Sacramento area, I sought recommendations from friends and local chefs. Most roads inevitably led to Yolo County, but I found gems north, east and south of central Sacramento as well.

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